• Post published:April 19, 2020

    Women are exploring all the benefits available to them and their families as they stay home with their children, many moms are deciding to work from home. This may mean starting their own home-based business. Many experienced and well-educated women who quit working to stay with their children are looking for ways to re-enter the workforce. These work from home moms may provide a much – needed boost to our floundering economy.

    Because of the current economic difficulties, many people are trying to start their own business, either on a part-time or full-time basis, in order to help support themselves and their families. The number of women who start businesses is growing at twice the rate of the number of men. Currently, women start four out of five new businesses. Eighty percent of these women are mothers.

    Small businesses help to stabilize the economy. Small businesses stimulate the economy and provide jobs. Small businesses owned by women employ over 12 million people and they generate almost two trillion dollars in sales. There has been a 90% increase in the number of businesses owned by women in the past decade.

    Women who work for companies from home are of tremendous benefit to the economy. If a company is unable to give raises or promotions, it can offer employees the chance to work from home as compensation. This allows employees to save the cost of commuting, more control of their time and work hours, more financial opportunities and independence, quality family time, and timely vacations.

    Businesses are finding that hiring stay-at-home moms is a cost- effective. Mothers are also finding that working from home is rewarding for both professional and personal reasons. Stay at home moms can find many resources online that will help them to find jobs and network.

    The Center for Women’s Business Research provides comprehensive and current data about businesses owned by women. This is a great site to go to for information about programs that are meant to help women who run their own businesses.

    WAHM is an online magazine for work from home moms. It provides a variety of information about home business, childcare, and parenting. Hire My Mom is a website where companies can look for home-based professionals. Moms can fill out an application and join the pool of work from home parents. Home-Based Working Moms help women grow their businesses and provide women with advice and business resources. Moms who work from home can help their families, their companies, and the economy.

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