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Drop-shipping for newbies

  • Post published:July 21, 2020

Starting as an affiliate marketer will often mean that you will choose to sell digital products in order to get the big profit margins. While it’s true that you can get 75% and upward from affiliate networks like JVZoo, this will normally mean that you’re limited to selling e-books, online courses and software.

This can be an effective way to run a business model but it is also sometimes quite restricting. While digital products have many advantages, their appeal is not as broad as it is for physical products.

For example, if you try and sell a digital product to your grandma, you’ll probably have difficulty. The same may probably apply for your Mum. And most likely your Dad

A fine-tuned well Balanced Business model will also include marketing physical products and passive income streams.

The Ability to Sell Physical Products

Clothes, shoes, beauty products, and home improvement products on the other hand are something you can sell to anyone! And then there’s all the rest: like technology, toys or fitness supplements.

Suddenly, you can sell things that average people really need and that makes a massive difference!


For starters, you suddenly have pretty much limitless niches that you can choose from (industries) and then there are the many different ways of selling those areas.

Did you know for example, that many of the products being sold on eBay are actually being drop shipped? This means that you can link a buyer to the supplier of a product for a profit that you determine, without stocking the product in advance.

Even big companies like Home Depot and Sears reportedly use dropshipping on some of their less popular products – so you know it must be a good model!

White Label Drop-shipping

The best part is that in some cases, the products you sell will even be able to have your company name on them. 

Follow the instructions on this page and view the drop-shipping product that will change your life.

As an Online Marketer, carefully selected useful products are recommended to each customer. Should you click an affiliate link that takes you to a sales page for an offered paid product. I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in the product. This in no way increases the price you pay Thanks for your support.