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Digital products…Physical and Passive

  • Post published:September 5, 2019

Starting as an affiliate marketer will often mean that you will choose to sell digital products in order to get the big profit margins. While it’s true that you can get 75% and upward from affiliate networks like JVZoo, this will normally mean that you’re limited to selling e-books, online courses and software. This can be an effective way to run a business model but it is also sometimes quite restricting. While digital products have many advantages, their appeal is not as broad as it is for physical products.

For example, if you try and sell a digital product to your grandma, you’ll probably have difficulty. The same may probably apply for your Mum. And most likely your Dad.

And it also goes for of your peers in reality! The main kinds of person willing to spend lots of money on an ebook or online course are going to be those who are already quite familiar with technology. The persons most likely to buy from you are probably other digital marketers looking for more ways to make money online. And as you’re probably aware, these are a savvy bunch who aren’t easily going to have the wool pulled over their eyes!

Also those persons who are quite eager to start an online marketing business and require cutting edge software, plugins, apps,video editors and a current stream of newly launched products.

The Marketing of digital products provides great opportunities. A fine tuned well Balanced Business model will also include marketing physical products and passive income streams.

The Ability to Sell Physical Products

Clothes,shoes,beauty products and home improvement products on the other hand are something you can sell to anyone! And then there’s all the rest: like technology, toys or fitness supplements. Suddenly, you can sell things that average people really need and that makes a massive difference!

Another benefit of selling physical products is the huge amount of flexibility it gives you. We’ve already seen that you’ll have a lot more flexibility in terms of the types of things you can sell but of course this will also extend to drastically increase your flexibility in terms of the way you sell.

For starters, you suddenly have pretty much limitless niches that you can choose from (industries) and then there are the many different ways of selling those areas.

Because right now, if you’re the ‘internet marketing type’, then you’re probably imagining the ways that you can sell products from your website or your mailing list. You’re probably thinking about content marketing, establishing your authority in your subject area… etc.

But that’s not the only way you can make money from a dropshipping business. Did you know for example, that many of the products being sold on eBay are actually being dropshipped? This means that you can link a buyer to the supplier of a product for a profit that you determine,without stocking the product in advance. You can determine how and where to publish your marketing campaigns that will direct traffic to your offers. Just find a product you believe your potential customers would like, create a listing and you’re good to go!

Even big companies like Home Depot and Sears reportedly use dropshipping on some of their less popular products – so you know it must be a good model!

With dropshipping you also have total control over the way you sell the product. That means it’s up to you if you want to introduce a limited time discount, or if you want to bundle multiple items together in order to offer special deals etc. This can all help you to make a lot more sales and it’s not an option you would have available to you if you were acting as an affiliate. In that scenario, the product owner would set the price and you would have no option other than to go along with it.

We’ve already seen that you can reduce the risk by dropshipping. There’s less risk than reselling here but also far less risk than selling your own product. That’s because creating your own product would involve the lengthy and stressful process of designing the product specifications, working with factories and then spending lots of money on materials etc. None of this is to say it’s not possible – it’s just a huge amount of risk!

With dropshipping, you don’t have any of this risk because you’re not spending upfront investment. You simply find the product you want to sell and then promote it! There are two great vulnerabilities of dropshipping however. Suppliers have to supply your customer with a shipping invoice that reveals the real cost of your product and customers will be able to secure your suppliers catalog if they so desire.It is also a good business practice to maintain a database of all your customer’s contact information.

But there’s another way that you can reduce risk with dropshipping too – which is by picking a product that’s already highly popular! By finding products that you know are already selling very well and that are very in-vogue, you can completely minimize the possibility that your product won’t sell. Now you’re selling products that sell in droves – you just need to find the people that are buying and make it easy for them!

Branding – How to Run Your Dropshipping Business and Strengthen Your Brand

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the dropshipping business model though, is one that many people don’t even consider.

As mentioned, dropshipping has the benefit of allowing you to keep the actual manufacturer/fulfilment company as a silent partner. They will send out the products on your behalf but with the instruction not to provide your customer with advertising materials. This limits the supplier’s outreach contact with your customers but cannot restrict your customer’s contact with your supplier. The Best way to deal with this vulnerability is to maintain a close contact with your customer and offer them new products from different suppliers. Offer value to your customer for money spent,send your customer a surprise gift item, showing them you genuinely care. Whether as a digital marketer or physical product marketer dropshipping, a website establishes you as a serious marketer online there is no good lasting substitute for a website. In fact many opportunities in affiliate marketing and dropshipping will become closed to you when you apply to represent a company as an affiliate marketer. The companies will ask”How you intend to promote their products and where will you be placing their links and banners, they will review linking to your site. while, Attracting customers to your website and your business will be what you’ll spend most of your time doing working online and you’ll probably find it takes up much of your effort.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’re bringing those visitors to your website so that you can sell products that other companies created. This then means that when they buy those products, they have to leave your website and thereby disengage with your brand. There is a great way to manage this in your favour,with the right Builder.

Which brand are they more likely to remember and visit in future? The guy who recommended the product to them? Or the company that actually sold it to them? And when they want more of the same thing, where are they going to go in future? Yes to your company if you build a good continual relationship.

Many Marketers consider seriously including affiliate offers that produce recurring income and allow the marketer to earn long term income without further efforts. Offers which allow you to benefit with a commission from those who register for a product on your recommendation or a monthly subscription is a good way of earning while you sleep. Consider ppc and ppl ofers to boast your income with one effort.

And now consider this: how can they buy more products from you during the same session, if you are actively sending them away from your site? Instead of being able to offer a selection of products that you handpicked, you’re now simply telling them to go somewhere else to buy one item.

With a dropshipping business you no longer have this problem. Now you can offer all the items you have for sale on your website from one spot and let your customers choose as many as they want and then continue to buy from you!

But that’s not even the best part…

White Label Dropshipping

The best part is that in some cases, the products you sell will even be able to have your company name on them. This is called ‘white label’ dropshipping, with the white label essentially describing the packaging or the branding.

Let’s say you want to sell a supplement like creatine from your fitness website. With a white label service, the product will be developed with packaging that literally consists of a pot and a white label attached. That white label can then have your branding printed right on it, meaning that to all extents and purposes this is now your own product. In many cases, you can even choose the ‘blend’ of ingredients that go into the product. In other words, if you’re selling a supplement like a vitamin tablet, you can select all the vitamins and minerals yourself and then add your own logo.

If you don’t sell a single item, then you have lost nothing. But if you sell lots, then you’ll be making a profit at the same time as building your own brand and your own market presence.

As an Online Marketer, carefully selected useful products are recommended to each customer. Should you click an affiliate link that takes you to a sales page for an offered paid product. I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in the product. This in no way increases the price you pay Thanks for your support.