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Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend

  • Post published:September 4, 2019

Is it true that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

If this is true, most girls and women in the world are without their best friend. Most girl’s do not own a diamond or most likely have never touched one. A very small minority of the girl’s own a diamond and could therefore call it their best friend. Another whopping 13% of girls choose another stone over diamonds as their favorite stone. These include Amethyst,sapphires,opals and emeralds. What is a girl’s bestfriend ? certainly not the illusive diamond, not the dog or the cat. A girl’s best friend is designed to be her male husband. So When shopping for the special woman in your life, consider carefully what most girls choose to be a consistent visible part of their wardrobe. A precision,personalize watch combines many qualities of other gifts like shoes, jewelry and, depending on how much you’re willing to spend, will be an investment that will last and be cherished for it’s beneficial, life organizing qualities for a very long time.

So the first things to think about are, of course, what’s your potential wife/wife’s lifestyle is like? Is she the very outdoor,exercising,fun loving type of person? If so, a sports watch might be more agreeable. If she is something of a fashionista, a designer watch might be just her thing.A high quality precision quartz watch. Take cues from her usual style of dressing and especially accessories. Does she like modest, yet elegant accessories or always goes for more subtle embellishments. Apart from functionality, women place a large premium on the way a watch looks and the statement it makes. Follow her lead! She will appreciate a watch with her face on it or her husbands’ face on it. Women can appreciate a gift that display harmony of thinking and future action.While men tend to go for classics leek watches, women largely tend to fancy something more aesthetic, antique-ish and creative.

Then it’s best to set a budget so you can save time by zeroing in on watches in your budget without suffering the heartbreak of loving an option and not being able to afford it. Designer watches have wow factor but cost a lot more than regular watches which probably are of better quality, so pick wisely.

Current Trends


Does your lady ever have that conundrum? She gets gussied up for a fancy event – jewelry and the works and finds her watch just doesn’t go with the ensemble. It looks somewhat serious and not festive enough? This is your chance to put an end to those worries of hers. Just gift her a watch that can double as jewelry,and catches her attention. It just so happens that its trendy this season too. So look out for decorative options with bead work, semi-precious gems and floral motifs.

Contrasting colors and metals

Perish all those old fashion rules you’ve heard about not mixing textures and metals. You know how you’ve been told you can only wear gold on gold and silver on silver. That s passé now. This season it’s trendy to mix – so pick a matte gold watch with silver embellishments or a stark white watch with a jet black dial for eye-grabbing impact.Watch Straps,dials are now enhancing the dress and shoes.

The classics

However if you’re unsure of her specific likes and thus about making an investment, your best chance is sticking with the classics. The classics stay stylish forever and are always worth the investment. So pick simple sleek metal or leather watch bands with clean, unfussy dials. If you can afford one with subtle detailing stone emdebbed, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Pinkish Hues

This color is very popular for women’s watches this season. It’s feminine, soft, and yet very playful and therefore has been picked as a favorite by many designers. Pick from baby pinks to light rose and deeper rose tints.Consider her favorite colour.provide her with an inseparable precious,functional and reliable accessory.

Armed with this info, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect watch for your perfect woman.

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