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Big Scam- Stolen Web-Domain names

  • Post published:August 6, 2020

A few weeks ago I came up with a fantastic web domain name and I was elated. This was my winner name, a new pathway to online success. I wanted to use this name to share my business and my app with the world.

I thought that it was best to seek out a leading web-hosting company to register my awesome and precious blockbuster web-domain name and start on a new road to success.

I was in for a big surprise and little did I realize then that I was about to discover the most ingenious web-domain name registration scam.

I applied for my domain name in order to host the relevant site with that name. I chose a very popular Webhosting company which is currently a buzz word in the Webhosting community. If my daddy was still alive, most likely he would have been satisfied with my choice.

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I entered my blockbuster domain name with my preference for a.COM extension as I sought to register my domain name. Moments later I was informed that the.COM extension was not available to me. I was then informed that .online and .live were available which I purchased. NOT my precious www.domainname.COM.

Not too long after I received an email from my trusted web Hosting company with an amazing offer. My Premium domain name with my cherished extension.COM was now available to me at a cost of $3,195.00+ $17.99 per year at a number to call to secure it.

I have successfully resisted this scam and extortion from this leading company. I have seen someone using my name with my.Com extension. My advice to this company is to cease this dishonest practice with its customers and reach of with compensation for my stolen property.

I am in possession of all the documented evidence of this case and therefore want to caution all those registering their domain names and choosing a web hosting company. When your potential hosting company makes a search for your requested name, stop! Do not buy especially if your requested name is not available. Try another hosting company and do the same search, until you are satisfied that your requested name is genuinely taken and that you are offered the best price for your new name.  Consider site-ground as a replacement for this popular unethical web hosting company after you have tested them as instructed.

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